A few words about us

The association

certus.digital is an association of blockchain enthusiasts who have set themselves the task of simplifying access to blockchain technology in order to promote digitization. We offer what others have forgotten to offer - Blockchain applications as a service.

We believe that the technology is predestined to digitally implement analogue processes of everyday life. The quality of preserving personal data is our benchmark.

Based on the founder´s experience it was clear at early stage that the technology would sooner or later prevail. Recognizing that only wealthy company could afford access to the technology, he decided to offer blockchain applications and services as a service to make everyone's access as easy as possible.

Team members

Mohammad Soltani


Mohammad's motivation to set up certus.digital was the laziness to search for documents in many files. This led to the idea of the digital file.

Behzad Talaei


As a developer and blockchain enthusiast Behzad brings over 30 years of development experience. His benchmark in development is the safety aspects.


Tobias Brinkhoff


As a specialized API developer for web services, enterprise database systems and business architecture Tobias is responsible for the decentralized contract agreement service.


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