Be part of our development strategy

Sleeve up and go is constantly developing the application, registering new certificate templates, developing the api and working on an app solution. Our backlog is well filled with feature requests.

You can be part of our development project by contributing to features with your knowledge, manpower or even monetary. We do not prefer only one type of investment. Every contribution enables to promote digital interaction.

You are a developer?

Here are some features of our backlog which needs to be developed. Be-Part-Of by providing your knowledge to develop features from our backlog.

If you are a developer for web applications and like to be part of, get in touch with us to see which part can be developed by you. There´s a lot to do. We are happy to hear from you.

Developing an web based user Interface where Zero-knowledge proof logic can be set in dependency to the certificate template values. This feature will be used for credential requests.
A html/css3 viewer option for stored credentials in the wallet. It should present the credentials as it would look like as a normal document.
Create and design the checkout Button for By clicking, it should establish a connection, request certificates and provide the credential offer.
The Blockchain does not provide the feature to sort attributes of schemas out of the box. Create a sorting script wich relates db and blockchain registered schemas.
To match smart contract supply and demand there is the need of a matching engine, which then triggers smart contracts and dApps.
To provide verified identity in the digital file we see it as necessary to develop the interface to video ident suppliers for issuing the identity credentials to the wallet.
Develop a rating and commenting feature for the shop items. The rating should be max.5 star given.